Psychology Study: How Curtain Colors affect Your Mood and Vibe of the House

Colors can make your mood and at some instances can make you feel sad or not so good as well! Colors make this world a better, happy and beautiful place. According to the psychology, every color can make a feel certain way.

When you decide to design your house or renovate your house, Colors become one major factor – each one of us wants the home that would look beautiful and make us feel happy.  A home looks beautiful when everything compliments each other , when your furniture matches the wall colors, the sofa matches with the room décor and all those kind of things; here’s one of those things that compliments your room, living room, windows, doors in the most elegant way!

The curtains give your living room and bedroom the perfect touch! Let’s find out according psychology how your curtains colors can affect your mood.


Red luxurious curtains

Color Red is about love, passion, romance as well as danger! But when it comes to living room or bed room a right shade of Red Curtains can bring make you feel cozy and romantic.  Red Curtains can bring energy, life and strong emotions to your home and can give energetic and vibrant vibe.


Pink color is considered for girls but this one color can make you feel calm and kind. Pink color curtains can make your feel calm, the more the pink the calmer the vibe; and this one color is great for kids rooms. Pink Color Curtains will bring in a feel of compassion and will help you channelize your emotional energies and will help calm down your anger.


Orange is all about warmth! Orange is a perfect color for your living room and dining room, the Orange curtains can make the get – together more warmth, help you refreshes mind and would create a vibe of friendly social environment. It even evokes enthusiasm and excitement.


Blue Curtains

Blue – The color of Calm and Royalty! The colors helps you feel quite, control blood pressure and make you feel peaceful. Blue Curtains will bring in the feeling of serenity, calm and coolness to the room. It’s the color associated with comfort and luxury. Blue Curtains can bring in the vibe of coolness and can make you calm and comfortable.


Green is a restful and healthiest color. Green makes the place look more spacious, refreshes you and can help you sleep well. Green Curtains will make your feel encouraged and fresh; and will make you have a vibe of togetherness. Green has soothing effect on eyes and signifies growth and prosperity.


Yellow is a color of kindness! It promotes friendship, competence, positivity and happiness. Yellow Curtains can create a friendly environment, will give a feeling of sunshine and will share happiness. Yellow color will brighten your mood and will give the vibe of togetherness.


Purple color is warm, sophisticated, dramatic and sweet. It gives the vibe of luxury, creativity and beauty. It’s associated with luxury, calmness and creativity. Purple curtains will give the vibe of luxury and create an ambience of warmth, happiness and royalty.


White Curtains

White a color of purity, serenity and peace! It stands for dignity, innocence and calmness. The white curtains can give your home positive vibes and will make you feel happy and satisfied. White Curtains will give an effect of softness and will make your feel peaceful.


Grey – the color became ‘a color’ in the recent times. It was considered dark at a point of time but this generation loves Grey, it can compliment your mood and can make you feel confident and strong. Grey Curtains would bring in the vibe of versatility, strength and confidence.


Brown a color of comfort, nature and tradition. Brown curtains bring elegance, sophistication and can give a traditional touch to your living room or bed room. Brown will bring a vibe of safety, culture and sweetness.

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