DIWALI SPECIAL: Ways to Make your Home Look Grand and Luxurious

The festive season is here! It’s time to get into the festive zone and get yourself and your home ready for Diwali! Diwali is a special festival, a festival of colors, celebrations, traditions, culture and a lot more thing; it’s a GRAND FESTIVAL and people all over India celebrate it.

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful, warm and welcoming! Here are a few tips to make your home Diwali ready and ensure it looks magnificent and magical.


Light Up the Home

Diwali is about lightening diyas, decorating the house with bright and decorative lights. This Diwali, let’s light up every corner and exteriors too.  Cover up the corners and entrances; and let the lights reach most of the corners of the homes.  You will get beautiful light décor options online, at stores and even from the local vendors; try to choose something handmade, traditional or gives the soft vibe of the festive season. Lights are going to decide how your Diwali is going to look so make sure you don’t go wrong here; don’t buy something over the top or something which has really strong lights or anything that creates disturbances rather than soothing the atmosphere.


Decorate the Walls

When people come to your home during festival, you would want to showcase your best side so let the walls speak about your choices and likings. Decorate the living room and bedroom walls with beautiful paintings, wall arts, flowers, vases or some artificial décor pieces. Let you wall shine like your personality. You can also add photo frames, hang on some memories and let people have an insight of the beautiful moments of your life.


Get Some Fresh Curtains and Soft Carpets

During the festive season making everything look good isn’t enough, you need to assure that everything even feels good. To give this feeling, try to add a touch of style, glamour and softness with curtains and carpets. Make your Curtains game right; drape the curtains in a glamorous way. Choose the colors and prints as per your room interiors and try to not go completely out of the place. Once you are done with choosing curtains; it’s time to make the feet feel soft and the floor looks beautiful with soft and luxurious carpets.


Add the Touch of Freshness to your Bedroom

Remember the festivals are for us, for ourselves, and we need to equally enjoy the festival so also focus on making you feel better and feel happy. Buy some fresh designer sheets, and get some beautiful and cosy blankets and pillows to enhance your bedding experience. This festive season focus on your comfort and making yourself feel loved and happy.


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